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Van Hool EX17H

EX17H VIP*** Corporate Class

The EX 17H is the ultimate VIP coach loaded with extras is the coach to consider for your VIP clients and PSVAR ready.

Sleek design with road presence.

Plenty of luggage space even with the PSVAR lift.

PSVAR ready including Hanover display, makes a very versatile coach on the road.

Euro 6, PSVAR ready, 63 Seater VIP coach ready for work.

Passenger Comfort 

Four tv screens throughout the EX17H, with USB points and power sockets in various points of the coach.

Passenger comfort is uncompromised, with extra padded recline able seats.

A versatile seating configuration for wheel chair access.

Seats are easily reconfigured, and be formatted with tables, with various layouts, making it a versatile coach for corporate and team coaches to executive class.

Large centre toilet, giving your clients more room to manoeuvre in the toilet.

Table backed seats, arm rests and generous head rest, with lap-belts for comfort, and safety.

Work surfaces, with hot water facilities and a microwave for food and drinks on the go.

Seats sit in a common rail, to allow seats to slide along, making adjustment effortless.

Driver Comfort 

Clear unobstructed views, ergonomically designed drivers cab.

Ergonomically designed seat that adjust to the driver's needs for a comfortable journey.

Ergonomically designed driver's cab, with all switches and controls on a turning knob. Cruise control, front brake assist, lane alert, onboard internal/external cameras, rain sensored wipers makes a superb coach long journeys.

360 Degree birds-eye camera view of coach, with reverse camera, make manoeuvring a simpler task.

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Specification & Features

We have a variety of Van Hool EX17H VIP corporate executive coaches that will compliment your business and satisfy your passengers with the comfort yearned for, for those long journey, offering a unique coach format, the first of its kind, a coach that offers you versatility and flexibility to cater for all kinds  of client requirements, and is PSVAR ready.  

EX17H - 63 SEATS

- Blue/red leather and centre cloth reclining seats with sandy cream curtains with lap belts, table backed. 

Comes with USB points and power sockets, or underneath seats, and come with either centre or rear toilet with hot water facilities. Passenger entertainment consists of four TVs in various points of the coach, and overhead audio speakers and night lights, with direct aircon flow.  


Packed with technology like 360 degree CCTV 'birds-eye view' of the vehicle, great for manoeuvring, reverse cameras, front brake assist, lane alert, dashboard computer screen to flick through all the functions all from the multi-function turning knob, giving your drivers all the controls at their fingertips.